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Don't worry, we get it. This is new (as far as we're aware it's the first store of it's kind in fact!) and may seem a little confusing (but hopefully also incredible!). Not a problem! We want to keep the store and the process as simple as possible so here's a round up of everything we think you may need to know. If we've missed anything just shoot us a query using the box at the bottom of the page or slide into our DMs on Instagram.

We love a good chat here at SLEEPY GIRL HQ!

q. HOW DOES the sleepy girl store WORK?

You browse the items on offer, load up your basket, check out and pay using Paypal or debit / credit card and we then donate your purchases to the chosen charities at the end of the month. Simple right? 

q. do i put my address as the shipping address?

Yes please! Although no physical items will be coming your way as we will send them to the charities and organisations, we still need your address to process the order. Sorry about the extra step but needs must!

q. where do my donations go?

We support a range of women's and children's charities at THE SLEEPY GIRL STORE including TRUSSELL TRUST, WOMEN'S AID, BABY BASICS and many more. Within each item's description you will find the charity it will be donated to, a little bit about the work they do and a link to their website. If the specific location of the charity is not listed then this usually means that this particular charity has a network of services across the UK in which case we will either be sending items to the head office to be distributed by the charity where they see fit OR that we are in contact with different locations directly and will distribute to each area in turn. If for some reason we are unable to donate the specific item you have donated we will give a similar product as close to what you have given as possible. For example, in the event that a charity is unable to take delivery of donations we may give them a monetary donation to buy the products themselves OR if the food bank already has too much pasta but not enough rice, we would that month buy rice instead of the listed pasta OR if a service is unable to provide face-to-face counselling, this may be online or over the telephone instead. No matter what though, we will never give your donation to another charity or cause other than what is listed in the item description.

If you sign up to our mailing list you can find out exactly where each month's purchases have been donated and which causes have been supported by your amazing purchases!


You could do, no saltyness here! However, one thing we love about the SLEEPY GIRL STORE is the fact that you can donate to multiple causes at once. So, you could be helping Tina in Toton via the TRUSSELL TRUST, Baldev in Barnsley via BEAUTY BANKS and Wendy in Wirall via WOMEN'S AID in one easy donation. We're a one stop shop for all your kindness giving needs!

q. is there a minimum spend?

Nope, nada, nein, no. This means that you can give a little or give a lot, the choice is yours. No donation is too small and every little really does help. The power of kindness also lies in the power of lots of kind people all doing kind things so buy a single pack of baby wipes if you can or buy more if you can. Both donations are just as gratefully received and mean just as much to those they support and help.


That's me, Jade Sandhu. I'm 32 from Nottingham. I enjoy dancing in my kitchen and carbohydrates in all their wonderful forms and I wanted to start the SLEEPY GIRL STORE as I saw a space for it. After a number of years supporting local organisations and hearing feedback from friends, family, colleagues and aquaintances who were grateful for the nudge to donate or for the opportunity to help, I thought 'how can we do this all the time and for more people across the country whilst still living our busy lives?'. We all have so much on our plates and although we are good and kind people who want to help others, sometimes we forget or simply don't have the time. This is my way of making it easy for us all.

q. does THE SLEEPY GIRL STORE take a profit?

THE SLEEPY GIRL STORE is a non-profit store. This means I don't take a penny. No salary, no expenses, nothing. All running costs are covered by myself however each item's price does include a small charge (2.9%) to cover the payment transaction fees associated but otherwise, every penny you spend is going the charity or cause as listed in the product description. 

q. i'm having a hard time myself, can the sleepy girl store help me?

Although we can't help you by giving you items purchased via this store directly, we can sign post you to people and organisations that may be able to help you access items you need as well as a range of other helpful services. Please get in touch with us confidentially using the box at the bottom of this page or by email to and we will get right back to you! We will not pass any of your details on without your permission but would love to help if we can.

q. i run a charity, can the sleepy girl store help us?

We'd love to work together with as many charities and organisations that support women and children as possible so if you run a charity, work for a charitable organisation or just want to give us the heads up about a great cause then please get in touch! Contact us via the 'contact us' box below or drop us an email to We can't wait to hear from you!

Q. How do the monthly kindness subscriptions work?

Want to donate regularly, quickly and easily to babes and their families across the UK without even having to lift a finger? THE SGS has got you covered! Our monthly kindness donation subscriptions offer you the option to sign up for a monthly rolling subscription of £10, £15 or £20 or for the amount as listed on the individual item. You choose the amount and the cause (or a random act of kindness donation if you can't decide), proceed through the checkout and on the same day each month that amount will wing it's way from your preferred method of payment (Paypal or debit / credit card) to us and we'll sort your donation and send it on to the fantastic charities and people we support. What's a rolling subscription I hear you cry?! Well, that just means that the subscription will automatically renew each month unless you cancel (see the next question for cancellation info). Details of your subscription can be found in the 'orders' section of your Wix account if you have one (we recommend you sign up as you can also save fave items and check out all your previous orders) including when your next payment is due. We'll update you by email each month to let you know what amazingness your monthly donation has provided and where your donation has gone.

Q. How do i cancel my monthly kindness subscription?

Signed up to subscription and want to cancel? Not a problem! Although we hate goodbyes and will be sad to see you go, we understand circumstances change and want to make cancelling your subscription just as easy as setting it up. All you need to do is pop an email across to with CANCEL MY MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION in the subject field. Tell us your name, order email address and order number (which can be found in the 'orders' section of your Wix account or on your original order email) and we'll sort that out for you within 5 working days, sending you a fond farewell email to let you know when it's all done and dusted. Although we will endeavour to get the cancellation actioned as quickly as possible, please give us plenty of notice to ensure that we get it all wrapped up with enough time before your next payment is due.

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