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THE JULY EDIT - The Black Pound Day Edition

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Encouraging consumers to put their money where their mouths are and replace their usual purchases with products from Black-owned businesses, Black Pound Day was founded as a direct and peaceful response to the systematic racism that creates un-equality for the Black community in the UK. Starting on July 27th and continuing monthly, the movement's aim and hope is to underpin and support the long-term financial growth and infrastructure of the UK Black community and empower and motivate Black-owned businesses and the people behind them.

There are huge challenges faced by female entrepreneurs and business owners, particularly those from BAME backgrounds and whilst government initiatives and policies have attempted to address some of the issues over recent years, such as the racial pay gap and that women and minorities receive less investments compared to the national average, change is often ineffective and at best slow.

One solution that can be done at our level, that of the shopper, is for us all to tap into the power that our pounds bear. Being a conscious consumer means knowing the impact of our spending habits and the impact these habits can have, in turn changing the system by putting your money where it matters, back into the communities that need it most. In giving financial support to Black-owned businesses by buying their products, money is being put into those communities and creating a foundation for long-term sustainable growth whist getting to enjoy some pretty amazing stuff too. Winner winner!

Below is THE SGC roundup of just some of our fave lovely things from Black-owned business babes. You'll find things you'll need, things you'll want, things to empower and educate, and things you won't be able to stop thinking about ... the donuts from Treats Club got me! So, enjoy the browse and hopefully you'll discover some new and incredible stores and brands for you to invest your money into not just on Black Pound Day but everyday.

"The little girl Philly, has so much self-love, it's contagous!"

Who Do I See in the Mirror? is a simple yet powerful book about a sweet little girl who goes through a journey of discovering what makes her truly special.  It reminds children that they are much more than their physical appearance. This gorgeous, colour-illustrated book concludes with a strong message that it’s what is on the inside that counts. A wonderful finishing touch is that it ends with a certificate that each child can hang up on their wall.


"Colourful and Vibrant Art of People"

I don't know about you but i am in LOVE with the work of Tabatha Brown, the illustrator and designer behind The Paira Birds. Her Etsy store is filled to the brim with illustration and vintage and illustrated snapshots of nature, human, and animal life.

COPYCAT ART PRINT - From £16.87 // Thepairabirds on ETSY.

"Deeply relaxing for anxiety & infused with beneficial healing crystals

& all those good loving vibes."

CHILL BABES elixir roll on helps to relax & calm you during anxious or stressful moments, when you are feeling overwhelmed or just need to focus and feel chilled. Think of it as the feeling of meditation in a bottle. Use this roll on to help you reclaim your power, to breathe, relax and pause.

CHILL BABES - £29 // Get Lit Re:treat

"African roots and a quintessentially British attitude"

Founded by university friends Liha and Abi, LIHA Beauty is a brand that is shifting beauty culture by empowering consumers with knowledge of raw ingredients and African beauty secrets. By combining Yoruba (Nigerian) tradition of making beautifying oils, soaps and lotions from the nuts, tree bark and plants that grew in abundance (a skill that was traditionally learned by all young women) and the aromatherapy skills of Liha's English mother, the brand is bringing to the market some amazing beauty products, including oils, soaps, body butters and candles. They also run the occasional online kitchen beauty workshops so be sure to sign up for stock alerts on their website to avoid missing the next one.


"Sincerely Nude strongly believes in representing all women. We are all so beautifully diverse and as a brand we are breaking stereotypes one shade at a time."

Sincerely Nude was founded by Michelle Asare in 2018. On why she started the business Michelle says; “I noticed that I could never find any nude clothing close to my skin tone whenever I went shopping or even browsing online. This realisation became somewhat of frustration as I noticed it everywhere I went. I’ve always loved fashion and it felt dear to my heart to be part of the change I wanted to see in the world."


"Contemporary fibre art for modern homes"

Whether you want ready-made art or would like to make it yourself Studio Nom has you covered. The Netherlands-based shop run by Nom is a treasure trove of gorgeous handmade woven pieces for your home and all with free UK delivery too!

GEO_CO_02 WALL HANGING - £68.75 // Studio Nom

"A leopard in a mystical setting with plants and an eye, almost like a storybook illustration. Perfect for a modern, bohemian or cool interior design with a mystic edge."

Emma, the babe behind Emma Make Studio, is a designer and illustrator from Cambridge currently living and working in Lisbon, Portugal. She designs and sells fonts, patterns, templates and illustrations with a handmade feel for digital use. You can also find her lovely wares on ETSY where you can purchase her gorgeous artwork, embroidery and scarves.


"Afropop is a contempory fashion brand with a focus with African vibes! Get ready to turn up and represent with Afropop socks for men and women!"

Afropop is a London brand made up of designers with an African heritage that are passionate about staying true to African inspired creations whilst also incorporating a vibrant and contemporary choice of colours for all.

Afropop socks are made with a combed cotton blend making them soft and durable, and all designs are unisex available in large and medium sizes to suit men and women. They also have an upcoming range of socks and tight for kids, which is very exciting indeed!

HIS AND HERS DAKISHI STYLE SOCKS - £14.00 // Afropopsocks

"Bonita Ivie is a brand that celebrates West African culture with the

use of bold illustration and prints."

Bonita Ivie, a self-taught graphic designer, launched her gifts, stationary and homeware brand Bonita Ivie Prints in 2017, bringing to the world a selection of products that people of colour can easily identify with, to make both celebratory and everyday moments special. As a self-confessed stationery addict Bonita had always been dissatisfied with the lack of ethnic influence in high street stationery stores and saw a huge gap in the market for diverse stationery.

LOVE YOU MUM CARD - £3 (OR 4 CARDS FOR £10) // Bonita Ivie Prints

"Arising from the Swedish word Lagōm - meaning 'not too much, not too little, just enough', our scent blends are designed, carefully curated and thoughtfully mixed, in small fresh batches to ensure quality and attention to detail."

LAGŌM - The Good Balance, founded by Thabang 'Thabi' Motsei in 2018, is a home fragrance brand with a focus on artisanal natural scented candles and wax melts that are inspired by nature, travel and memory. Lagōm candles are designed, assembled & hand-poured using 100% soy wax, essential and natural oils, in reusable amber glass jars and packaged with environmental sustainability in mind. The dreamy first collection from the East Sussex based studio is intended to act as a catalyst in finding your own ŌM, a healthy natural vibration and as such has 4 scents to chose from - ŌMBalance, ŌMComfort, ŌMPure and ŌMLift, all of which are rooted in mindfulness and created to help improve and balance you both emotionally and physically.


"...if you're looking for a chocolate brand with originality and ethics at it's core,

come shop ah YARD!"

YARD was created by Ashley and Rachel, two friends from South London. At the time, Ashley was working as a Head Baker and Rachel, as a Calligrapher. Ashley was raised in a Jamaican household and is very enthusiastic about experimenting with the flavours that she grew up around. Each piece of chocolate has been handmade by Ashley, and every chocolate label or design has been hand drawn by Rachel.

Yard Confectionery is more than just a chocolate brand, it is a true celebration of hand made artistry.​ As a small business, they believe in the power of supporting other small businesses and as such work directly with a Jamaican cocoa seller who roasts and winnows their Portland beans by hand in a small facility in St Catherine, Jamaica. 


"Simple to look at, lovely to hold, each item is one of a kind."

Naked Clay Ceramics was founded in 2017 by Carla Sealey, the talented ceramicist that makes all the beautiful tableware and homeware items you can find in this gorgeous store. The style is minimal and inspiration is clearly found is the natural colours and textures of the earth and mirrored in the black stoneware and white porcelain used to create each piece. Everything is made by hand in my studio in Bedfordshire. 

PORCELAIN MUG REGULAR - £26 // Naked Clay Ceramics

" 'Book Love' takes you on a journey of discovery, where those that don't see themselves - find themselves... Thisisbooklove.com and we represent!"

This is Book Love is an award winning collective of Educators, Artists, Musicians, Creatives, Aunties, Uncles, Parents and Grandparents working together to make multicultural matter. In schools, libraries, galleries, on screens and even on our high streets - the stark lack of culturally inclusive representation, is sadly too obvious and the collective works hard to readdress this and have made it their mission to change this narrative. 

​In addition to have an online store full to the (virtual) rafters with diverse, beautiful and interesting books, This is Book Love curate, showcase and bring together the best multicultural content the world of arts has to offer and take it on tour to Schools, Nurseries, Public and corporate spaces, Markets ... you name it - they're there! All with one focus - to positively portray the beautiful multicultural world around us. 

I AM NOT YOUR BABY MOTHER - £16.99 // This is Book Love

"Female owned, female led and run by black girl magic, our dessert bar aims to bring joy with every bite and wonder with every flavour."

Launched in London by Lungi, the chef and owner, in 2018, this baking dream started as a fun way to bring joy to her family and friends… months later it has emerged as a much loved baking brand. In a short space of time, Treats Club had managed to carve a reputation amongst Londoners as having some of the best donuts in town, most innovative ice cream flavours and the premiere destination for gourmet marshmallow fluff. Now, you can order their goods online for full UK delivery, including the amazing DYU Hot Donut Kits to enjoy some 'hot D' from the comfort of your own home.

DYO HOT RING DONUT KIT - £20.50 // Treats Club

There are obviously so many more products and brands we could have shared with you so if you feel we've missed anything / anyone off our list be sure to comment to share with us and other readers or give us a shout by email or DM and let us know!

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